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  • AS NEW - PERFECT CONDITION – Price Inc. GST $35,000
  • Dimensions 4.5m L x 2m W x 2.6m H
  • Has a 12 volt battery system with 240 volt plug in battery chargers
  • 4 x Air Tanks which drive a start up gyro (sounds like a jet engine starting)
  • Main rear rocket turbine (air driven - sounds fantastic!)
  • Pilot and navigator thruster controls for steering. The joy sticks hiss air when you move them
  • Air tank drains
  • Safety blow off valves
  • Air pressure gauges
  • Air switching valves
  • Reconnator 1 Carries 10 adults. 2 in the cockpit and 8 in rear.
  • Adults can stand up and walk around inside
  • Cockpit Pilot and Navigator seats are fully adjustable
  • Push button education aspects about our solar system
  • Children can interactively play while learning
  • The cockpit resembles a life-like simulator with air driven turbines.
  • Lots of lights, switches and warning buzzers
  • Front glass Sun Roof. Glass electric Moon Roof
  • Electric Rear Hatch has a power isolation key for up and down button on hatch
  • Emergency front hatch - can be opened from inside or out
  • Realistically riveted windscreen with all the looks and characteristics inside and out of a real spaceship
  • Reconnator 1. can be registered just like a caravan and has a removable tow bar, with wind down landing legs front and rear

Reconnator cockpit lights
Reconnator Spaceship
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